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A handy resource page on Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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All of our programs are trauma-informed, which means each one is developed and facilitated through the lens of understanding what survivors need to help feel supported and encouraged as they navigate every day life. No invalidation, no judgment, no shame.

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If you enjoy writing, we want to hear from you. We are always looking for guest writers for our blog. Our writers include survivors, coaches, clinicians, authors, and thought leaders in the field of trauma recovery.


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Recent Posts

The Spectrum of Trauma

The Spectrum of Trauma

The CPTSD foundation's website succinctly defines CPTSD as a term that "describes the results of ongoing, inescapable, relational trauma." In this post I'll delve into trauma, using a wider lens than is typical. I'll differentiate between trauma and traumatic...

What our amazing members say about our programs

My FRAMILY is amazing. You all are amazing and inspiring. I truly love all everyone on the calls and thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me heal through this community.

The calls have catapulted me forward in my recovery in multiple ways. I now have an anchor that is reliable, consistent, encouraging, educational, safe and soul enriching. There are still tough days…but I no longer get stuck in isolation for long periods of time.

I am reassured that I’m not alone and others have similar experiences and struggles. I appreciate the validation and encouragement I receive there, which has really helped me in my healing journey. I have made new friends and have a safe place to show up on a daily basis.

The daily calls are helping me to take better care of myself and have boundaries. How to recognize safe people and unsafe people and receive encouragement and support that I do not get otherwise. They help me recognize I am not alone in my feelings and thoughts.

There is nothing else out there like this! Joining a committed, compassionate group of survivors, every single day, has been my biggest act of self-compassion.

I love the encouraging daily texts, I get one right after lunch at work every day, and some days I really need it..

The healing book club has been such a blessing. It is very meaningful and I feel that I have established true, authentic connections. It’s comforting to have a designated space each week that’s safe, normalizing, educational, and secure. Thank you for this incredible resource!

I never realized how helpful these calls could be. I’m so glad I decided to join, and take a chance on myself. I learn so much, and always feel validated when I have the opportunity to join a call.