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Successfully equipping complex trauma survivors and practitioners with compassionate support, skills, and trauma-informed education.

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Trauma-informed information that can be used in your daily healing.

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Programs and resources are overseen by trauma-informed personnel.

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Programs designed for both survivors & helping professionals.

What is CPTSD?

A handy resource page on Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Weekly Livestream on YouTube

Join us on Monday’s at 7pm eastern for our weekly trauma-informed livestream on YouTube.

Frequent Questions

Check out our FAQ page for general information on our programs and our organization.


CPTSD Resources & Programs


All of our programs are trauma-informed, which means that each one is developed and facilitated through the lens of understanding what survivors need to help feel supported and encouraged as they navigate every day life in the wake of a traumatic past. No invalidation, no judgment, no shame. You are accepted just as you are, and you are welcome here.

Daily Recovery Support

Daily Support for Your Healing Journey

We’re here for you with affordable group calls, in a safe atmosphere, focusing on encouraging you and equipping you with skills and information you can use every single day in your healing journey. Take your healing to the next level!

We offer our Recovery Support program at 8pm eastern and 8pm London (3pm eastern). See our calendar for topics and days of each program.

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Healing Book Club

Trauma-Healing Book Chat

Join us every week as we read and discuss trauma-informed resources in a safe atmosphere, by world-renown authors. Registration is always open, so you can join us anytime. Learn more and get signed up today!

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Weekly Creative Group

Creative Expression in Healing

The Weekly Creative Group is a safe place to come and express yourself through creative methods. Bring your paints, crayons, sketch pads, arts & crafts, or virtually any other creative art, and join us as we continue healing together. 

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Trauma-Informed Yoga

Weekly Yoga Classes

This weekly, virtual, yoga program is trauma-informed and focused on helping survivors engage with the present moment, in a validating and encouraging atmosphere. 

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Daily Encouraging Text

Encouragement on the Go

One text per day, with an encouraging thought or nugget of wisdom to help inspire you as you heal from your past and embrace the hope that is possible in recovery. Start receiving your texts for only $4.99 per month. Cancel Anytime. 

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CPTSD Community Safe Group

Private and Safe

Our CPTSD Community Safe Group is a place where survivors from around the globe come together to help heal in a safe community. Come and be a part of this Free supportive atmosphere.

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Trauma-Informed Partner Support

For Partners of Trauma Survivors

“TIPS”, is designed to help inform and equip spouses, partners, caregivers, and those who are directly involved in the life of a trauma survivor. This program consists of an online group, live calls, and recorded video content, all designed to help supportive partners find the balance of taking care of themselves while supporting and encouraging the survivor in their life. 

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Get Involved

You can make a difference in the life of a survivor

Call for Writers

If you enjoy writing, we want to hear from you. We are always looking for guest writers for our blog. Our writers include survivors, coaches, clinicians, authors, and thought leaders in the field of trauma recovery.


Do you want to give back and help others using a skill set you have, and a desire to make a difference in the lives of trauma survivors? Click that button and check out the current volunteer opportunities available.


Donations from generous people just like you make it possible for survivors across the globe, who are struggling financially, to gain access to our healing centered programs & resources. 

Recent Posts from the Blog...

The calls have catapulted me forward in my recovery in multiple ways. I now have an anchor that is reliable, consistent, encouraging, educational, safe and soul enriching. There are still tough days…but I no longer get stuck in isolation for long periods of time.

Daily Recovery Support Call Member

 I am re assured that I’m not alone and others have simular experiences and struggles. I appreciate the validation and encouragement I recieve there and has really helped me in my healing journey. I have made new friends and have a safe place to show up on a daily basis.

Daily Recovery Support Call Member