The following is a survivor poem created by guest contributor, Aurora.

Lost Souls are Beloved to Me

I want someone to save me

But no one is coming

There is no white horse

No unicorns or magic wishes

I feel the retrograde of years of hate

Weighing on me from the helm

Of even Heavens gates

If there was a story of a victory

I never read any

If there was hope

How come no one showed it to me

My heart collapsed years ago

Only the wind blows through

Singing it’s sad

Lonely lullabies

There was no lucky princess

A crown never did fit

All the shoes were lost and

The princess became a stuffed

Prize on the mantle

Stories want to have happy endings but

Sometimes they just don’t

People lose their power

Get overlooked

And feel left out

They become a part of the graves never visited

And the bones thrown in ditches

How come some never learn to save themselves

I’ll never know

Even though I sit in the dark right now

I’ll keep crawling to get out

I will save myself

And keep my name

Light candles for those long forgotten

Because lost souls are beloved to me.


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