Rules & Guidelines - Healing Book Club


(i) names, nicknames or initials will be used during group calls.

(ii) confidentiality is a must for every single participant: you will not discuss any identifying information about a group member except with that member and other group members during group meetings only.

(iii) there will be no visitors during, or recordings of, Book Club meetings allowed, except the recordings provided by Post-Traumatic Healing Foundation, Inc, Daily Recovery Support, CPTSD Learning Center and

(iv) there will be no discussion of money, membership fees, or request for monetary support of any kind.

(v) there will be no discussion of politics or religion unless either is the topic or part of the topic of the current book or chapter being read. If that is the case, the conversation must be kept within the book.

(vi) Healing Book Club meetings and events are never a place to receive crisis care. If you feel triggered or are in crisis, you must seek professional help outside of the weekly book club meetings.

(vii) enabling your video camera, cross-talking, speaking over, or being disrespectful or unkind to other group members is strictly prohibited.

(viii) Post-Traumatic Healing Foundation, Inc, Daily Recovery Support, CPTSD Learning Center, Healing Book Club and may remove you from any call at any time if any of the guidelines are not adhered to.

(ix) if you are removed for any reason listed above, no refund will be issued to you, as you are required to follow all group guidelines at all times or you forfeit your right to a refund.


If you have any questions about the above rules, please contact us by using our contact form on this site or using the feedback form in the members area.



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