Mindfulness, Prayer, & Meditation Circle

Join us for a weekly deep dive into the skills and tools needed to make spiritual healing a part of your recovery journey.

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If you are looking to be more present, grounded and peaceful in your daily life and are interested in experiencing the scientific benefits of mindfulness, prayer, and meditation then this nine-week journey is for you!

The next MPM Circle will relaunched in late 2021, with a newly revamped 9-week self-study program that will include pre-recorded meditations, and printable downloads. We’ve reworked the program from the ground up, based on member feedback from the inaugural version in early 2020.

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What You'll Learn

Participants will learn how to relate to their traumatic past mindfully while using prayer and meditation to increase resiliency and emotional well being. At the start of each session, we will practice trauma-informed ways of using affirmations to drop into present moment awareness, access peace, and feel empowered. A twenty-minute teaching will be offered on the week’s theme, which will build upon the week before to provide a cumulative understanding of the tools, applications, and benefits of practicing mindfulness, prayer, and meditation. Each week we will practice a short meditation that supports the development of three major skills:

  • Awareness: Being in a state of open monitoring instead of hypervigilance, feeling present and safe
  • Concentration: Cultivating focused attention that includes body awareness and helps to release tension
  • Acceptance: Practicing non-judgment, holding space for yourself, observing your thoughts, and self-compassion

Join us each week of this nine-week journey to experience a safe container of presence and peace while gaining a comprehensive tool kit for applying mindfulness, prayer, and meditation along your trauma recovery journey. We will also explore creating safety through shifting physiology, loving-kindness, inner and outer focus.

What You'll Get

The goal of the meditation portion of the circle is to give members an opportunity to experience their inner world in a way that feels safe and sustainable. Participants will become more adept at letting their attention and focus be solely on themselves for a period of time during meditation which can gradually be expanded to become a normal state of being. Outcomes of this increased ability are:

  • More self-compassion and loving-kindness
  • Better self-care
  • Easier to recognize and meet needs
  • Stronger, more fulfilling relationships
  • Authentic vitality and joy (decreased depressive episodes)
  • A deep sense of peace and security

With the prayerful guidance you receive in this journey, you will feel more confident connecting with your higher power and communing with the support of a loving spiritual guardian. You will not be required to subscribe to any specific dogmas or beliefs in order to experience the benefits of prayer.

And, with mindfulness, you will experience many benefits including:

  • Reduced stress
  • Better sleep
  • Increased focus and memory
  • Less emotional reactivity
  • Greater self-observation
  • Resiliency to cope with life
  • Safety to experience feelings

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How Does the MPM Circle Work?

We meet each Sunday at 3pm eastern

Join us online at the same time, every week, while the program is progress.

Held in our secure, online Zoom room

Join us each week from any device with an internet connection

Catch up or Replay any call.

All MPM Circle calls are recorded and saved for later viewing in our member’s area.

Affordable Membership

For a one-time program fee, you can join us for the whole nine-week journey. If you were a member of the program in 2020, you’ll receive a special offer in your email.

Knowledgeable Leaders

All MPM Circle calls are lead by a foundation staff member

Resources Applicable to Healing

We always practice & discuss trauma healing related material.


We Offer Guidance

Reach out anytime by email to the facilitator with questions about your mindfulness, prayer, or meditation practice. 

Safe Atmosphere

The MPM Circle is free from invalidation and judgment. You will not be asked to share your journey with anyone, it’s your private experience. See our Rules & Guidelines.

Veronica has been walking the road to recovery since her first mindful breath in 2007, and has found great healing and relief from her C-PTSD symptoms using both prayer and meditation. Now, she is guiding survivors through this deep dive into the present moment. This program is well-suited for those who are coping with chronic pain, as Veronica has employed these same tools to bring relief along her own 12-year pain journey.

Veronica Anderson

Mindfulness Facilitator

Stay Up to Date

Check the MPM Circle Calendar

We meet every Sunday at 12pm eastern. We keep the calendar updated with progress,  and upcoming talking points so you always know where we are in the current resource.

Why is there a membership fee?

We ask that all members who register for the Mindfulness, Prayer, and Meditation Circle, agree to pay a one-time membership fee. This will allow you to have lifetime access to the program via your member’s area, even after the live calls are completed.

Please reference our Cancellation & Refund Policy.

All proceeds from the MPM Circle Membership go to our general scholarship fund, which provides access to the MPM Circle, Daily Recovery Support Calls, Healing Book Club, and other CPTSD Foundation educational materials to those in need of financial support.

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