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Help Me Find a Therapist

The #1 Thing to Remember


Before beginning your search for a new therapist, for the first time or if you’ve worked with one before, the key thing to remember is…Patience.

This can be a lengthy process that can feel overwhelming. In recent years especially, the mental health system has been overwhelmed and consequently the wait times for appointments can be longer than expected, especially for new clients.

Many offices and private practices do not have receptionists or additional staff outside of the therapist themselves; so waiting to hear back from phone calls or emails can take time. 

You may need to reach to out a number of offices and therapy practices until you find one that works for you and has availability. In addition, the first one you find may or may not be a good fit for you. This does not mean you are beyond help or that you are unworthy of getting help; but rather it’s a reminder that this process takes time and that your self-worth is not tied to the length of time or the processes involved in finding the right mental health professional for you. 

Helpful tips when searching for a therapist

Due to a tremendous surge in requests for our “Help Me Find a Therapist” program, we are unable to provide the personalized service for the time being. What would normally take our volunteer team 2-3 weeks to work turned into several months. This unfortunately was just not sustainable for our team, and certainly made for a less then ideal timeframe for each requestor. 

So, in the interim, we wanted to provide you with some helpful tips and information that you can use in your search for a therapist, counselor, psychiatrist, coach, support group, in-patient treatment, or other mental health professional.

We sincerely hope you find this to be helpful for you, and we look forward to hopefully returning to our previous program in the future. 

Psychology Today

Psychology Today has a wonderful database of mental health professionals, and is one of the primary resources our team uses to work requests. The search tools available include a variety of filters so you can narrow your search to the therapist that is trained in the areas you are most intereseted in. Additional parameters include the ability to search by location, virtual or local services, modalities, insurance, gender preference, and many more.

The intial screen has a small search box at the top for you to include the location you wish to search in. After that, you’ll be presented with a variety of filters to narrow down your search.

You can also search internationally by changing the country setting at the top of the page. 

International Therapist Directory

Psychology Today offers a vast listing of both US and international therapists. Another wonderful resource to try for those outside of the US in particular is the International Therapist Directory.

This resource has counselors and therapists from more than 40 countries, and has similar search options to other databases. 

On their main page you’ll see some basic search fields to help get you started, along with some typical searches for services including online, phone, in-person therapy, as well as therapists who are able to travel to your location.


Better Help

You might also be familiar with BetterHelp.com. This is a wonderful resource that helps match you with a therapist based on some general information you provide through a series of easy to answer questions in each category.

The main page has a listing of categories to help get you started; your answers to the follow up questions will help them match you with a suitable therapist that is trained in the areas you are most interested in getting help with. 

We change the way people get help with facing life’s challenges by providing convenient, discreet and affordable access to a licensed therapist. BetterHelp makes professional therapy available anytime, anywhere, through a computer, tablet or smartphone.”

Good Therapy

GoodTherapy.org offers a directory to help you in your search for a therapist. Using the directory, you can search by therapist location, specialization, gender, and age group treated. If you search by location, your results will include the therapists near you and will display their credentials, location, and the issues they treat.

The top search will help get you started by offering options for therapy, telehealth, and treatment centers. From there you have the ability to refine your search through a variety of parameters included distance, specialities, insurance, gender, age, language, and many more. 


Search Suggestions

When looking for a trauma-informed therapist or other mental heath professional, it’s important to be as specific as possible. The more refined your search is, the more efficiently you can be matched to a professional who meets your needs.

Whenever possible include the following in your search:


“CPTSD, Complex PTSD, C-PTSD, or Complex Trauma”

“Trauma Recovery”

These specific searches will help narrow down therapists who specialize in working with trauma survivors. In addition, many (but not all) mental health professionals who specialize in PTSD can also help with Complex PTSD. It’s important that, when you begin communicating with your new therapist, you specifically ask if they have experience in working with trauma survivors and if they are aware of CPTSD.

Therapist Interview Questions

We can provide you with a list containing example questions which can be used when interviewing a new therapist. This typically takes place during the intitial sessions, in person or tele-health. This is the time when you and your potential new mental health professional get aquainted and begin laying the groundwork for how your program will go. These questions are meant to be a guideline, to help get you started, in determining the next steps in a therapuetic relationship. Please contact us to request this information.

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