Listing of Current Available Programs

Click the “Learn More” button under each program to find out more information on the content and how to sign up. Feel free to contact us anytime if you have further questions. We’re always happy to help.

 We strive to keep our paid programs as affordable as possible. There are no contracts for any of our programs. You can cancel your membership at any time for any reason. View our Cancellation and Refund Policy.

Most paid programs offer Monthly, 6-Month, and Annual Membership options.

You can also try out a sample of each of our programs by registering for our free “Learn More” resource!

All-Inclusive Bundle

Access to every program in 1 easy membership




Daily Recovery Support

Healing Book Club

Weekly Creative Group

Daily Encouraging Text

CPTSD Safe Group

Trauma-Informed Yoga

Annual Virtual Summit

All Future Programs

New Call Times for Recovery Support Now Available!

If you’ve been wanting to join a program like Daily Recovery Support, but 8pm eastern doesn’t exactly work well for you…we’ve got great news!

We’ve officially launched an additional call in the Recovery Support program, which meets at 8pm BST/3pm eastern!

Learn More!

Individual Memberships

All trauma-informed, designed for you, the survivor!

Daily Recovery Support Memberships also include access to the Healing Book Club and Weekly Creative Group!

Daily Recovery Support

7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year



Validating & Encouraging

Daily Support

Safe, Group Atmosphere

Healing Book Club

Weekly Saturday Calls



Trauma Healing Books

Open Discussion

Saturdays, 4pm eastern

Weekly Creative Group

Weekly Sunday Calls



Express Your Own Creativity

Fun & Validating

Sundays, 6pm eastern

CPTSD Safe Group

Online Support Group



Private Virtual Community

Trauma Recovery Discussion

Moderator & Peer Lead

Daily Recovery Replay

Healing on Your Schedule



24/7 Access to Recordings

Mobile App or Browser

Full Library of Calls

Trauma-Informed Yoga

Body-Centered Healing



Healing Movement

Any Fitness Level

Saturdays, 11am eastern

Daily Encouraging Texts

One Text, Once per Day



Encouragement on the Go

Trauma Healing Validation

US & Canada Only

Encouraging Emails

One Email, Once per Day



Same Content as Texts

Straight to Your Inbox

Ideal for Outside US & Canada

Free Resources

All trauma-informed, designed for you, the survivor!

Weekly Newsletter

Trauma-Informed Tuesday



Articles, Blog Posts, Videos

Quotes, Resources

All Validating & Encouraging

Blog Posts

Trauma-Informed Blog



Staff & Guest Writers

Research Articles

Survivor Stories, Poems, Art


Weekly Livestream



Monday, 9pm eastern

Live on YouTube

Large Survivor Community

Meditation Classes

Trauma-Informed Meditation



4-day Class on Zoom

Small Group with Facilitator

Trauma Recovery Focused

Trauma-Informed, Designed to Encourage, Validate, and Promote Healing


All of the programs and resources created by CPTSD Foundation are designed with you, the survivor in mind. We exist to empower and encourage survivors with the message of hope and healing. If we can be of service in any way, or if you have questions, please reach out anytime and we will respond back to you as you as soon as possible.

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