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Your generous donation of any size can mean the world to a survivor who is struggling to find and afford the help they so desperately need.

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When you give to CPTSD Foundation, your support goes directly to those who need it most. Our scholarship fund provides access to the Daily Recovery Support Calls, Healing Book Club, Online Learning Programs, and other resources that survivors of complex trauma need so desperately. 

You can make a difference in the life of someone who has spent their life feeling like nobody cares and nobody understands what they have been through. We here at the foundation care, and we are so grateful that you care and are willing to donate to help survivors in need. 

One-Time Donation

If you prefer, you can donate any amount you feel led to give, in a single donation. We are so grateful for your generous support.

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We will soon be launching a new weekly resource, Trauma Recovery Tuesday! Every Tuesday morning, you will receive information straight to your inbox from CPTSD Foundation, including articles, blog posts, videos, encouraging pictures & quotes, and a recap of the latest Monday night Q&A with Athena. 

Join us and be notified as soon as we get this helpful resource under way. 

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