CPTSD Peer Support Chat Group


A validating and encouraging support group where survivors come to receive and share support in an atmosphere that promotes healing and validation. A place where your voice is heard and appreciated, all online and easily accessible.

Completely Online

Join anytime via your computer or smart phone

Off Social Media

Not a Facebook group or other social media platform

Affordable Memberships

Memberships are only $5 per month

Program Information

Program Overview: 

CPTSD Foundation is honored to help support adult survivors of all types of trauma, by offering a virtual support group called, CPTSD Peer Support Chat. We have been offering these types of groups for survivors of trauma since 2014.

This online space allows you to come and receive the support you deserve. A place where your voice is heard, your feelings validated, and where encouragement is always in abundant supply from others who know what it means to struggle in daily life as a survivor.

Members discuss their healing journey, including their struggles and their wins. Good days and not so good ones. Recent therapy breakthroughs or frustrations. Share resources and information; and generally help support & encourage others in a validating atmosphere. 

This online group is moderated by CPTSD Foundation staff. It is not a substitute for therapy or a replacement for medical or mental health care. It is a space to come and interact with other trauma survivors, to share and help encourage one another. There are no live calls with this program, it is an online support group only.

After you submit the form below, we will reach back out to you via email within 3 business days with any questions we have, and/or provide you with the checkout link to finish your membership and begin joining us. We appreciate your patience in waiting for our response to your registration form.

Live Virtual Support 24/7:

  • Access the online chat groups and library of resources from any device with an internet connection.
  • Chat with survivors across the globe using your computer, or smart phone app (Android and iOS).

For only $5 per month, you can join us as often as you like in this validating, encouraging, and supportive space. No contract, cancel anytime

Cancellation & Refund Policy.

Our groups have moderators and admins.

Our members conduct themselves in an adult manner and respect each other’s opinions and value their participation.

This group is peer lead. It is a place to chat and share with other survivors in a virtual atmosphere. Members are encouraged to report any posts they feel are inappropriate or need the attention of a moderator.

This group is not therapy or a replacement for therapy or any type of medical or mental health care.

We value your input. We encourage you to participate in open discussions in the chat forums, as little or as much as you like. There is never any requirement to share in any capacity; all members are encouraged to inertact as they see fit.

Your thoughts and ideas are always welcome; we value the input of all members to help make the program to best it can be for everyone.

In order to participate in this program, you agree that you’ve read, understand, accept, and will abide by all of the rules and guidelines that are outlined in the registration form, listed in the group, and listed on our website. 

See a sample in our Learn More resource

If you aren’t familiar with how this program works, you can watch a sample in our free Learn More resource. We’ve created, “Learn More”, to help you understand what each program is like before you sign up. Simply register with your email and you’ll have access to samples of this, and most of our other programs as well.  

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