CPTSD Awareness Wristband


Official CPTSD Foundation wristbands to show the world you support awareness, research, and healing from complex trauma.


Support Survivors

Show your support for survivors & CPTSD awareness


Sizes & Designs

3 designs available in both regular & large sizes


Quality Silicone

Durable, unique silicone wristbands

Order Safely and Easily

The official CPTSD Foundation wristbands were designed by our Executive Director, Athena Moberg, with the idea that promoting healing and awareness benefits all survivors. We hope you’ll consider purchasing one for yourself and perhaps one for a family member, friend, or other safe people who could help raise awareness for complex trauma research and healing.

Each purchase helps fund our scholarship program, which provides access to our programs and resources to survivors in need.

Looking for Information on our Programs?

If you want to find out more information on the programs we have available here at CPTSD Foundation, just click here to go to our CPTSD Resources page. This page will lay out all of our programs including Daily Recovery Support, Healing Book Club, and more!


Available Programs

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If you have a question about the wristbands, or about any of our programs at CPTSD Foundation, just click that button and send us an email via our contact form. Our staff is here to assist and we’ll get back to you very soon.