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Trauma-informed, certified coaches who can help you move forward in your personal, professional, relational, and healing life.


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We are honored to provide you with the opportunity to work with a trauma-informed coach!

We’ve partnered with The Interlinkment Group, an organization that provides coaching, resources, and promotes awareness about complex trauma (CPTSD), and mental health. The coaches with the Interlinkment Group are all trauma-informed and trained in a variety of specialty areas applicable to not only trauma survivors but everyday personal, relational, and professional life.

In Collaboration with Interlinkment Group

Trauma-Informed Coaches are available to work with you!


Do you have goals you need help reaching; or perhaps help in defining suitable goals for your life?


Have you struggled to find direction in your personal, professional, or relaltional life? In your healing journey?


Are there boundaries you need help creating and enforcing?

Managing Life

Day by day is busy and unpredictable enough when you don’t have past trauma to deal with; when you add in the struggles of trauma recovery, at any level of healing, having a coach to help you navigate can be make all the difference. 

More Support

Working with a trauma-informed coach can help you take that next step towards thriving. A step that means you’re ready to move forward and explore life, try new opportunities, and begin forging the path that you want to take. With a coach as part of your support system, you can navigate what’s ahead with the security of knowing your coach understands what you’re doing through as a survivor.

if that sounds familiar, if you can relate…

Working with a coach may be something to consider

As an organization focused on providing programs and resources for trauma survivors, we are keenly aware of the importance of having a multi-faceted support system. Essentially, the more support and resources you have, the more empowered you feel and the more encouraged you are to continue.

Working with a therapist is the foundation of healing; it’s where you take those first steps of reaching out and sharing your trauma story with someone safe who is trained to help you work through your past. As you continue through therapy, in time, you come to a point where you feel more grounded, stable, and ready to take some new steps of exploring life outside of the laser focused lens of trauma recovery.

That’s not to say that we ever stop healing, but rather, as we continue to heal, we feel more empowered and stable, and ready to try new things we could never have dreamed of before.

That’s where this coaching program comes in, an opportunity to take one of those new steps.

Your Free Discovery Call Awaits

The decision to work with a coach is not one to be taken lightly. There is a lot to consider and many questions that need answers. We understand how big of a decision this is and we want to help get you started off on the right foot.

As part of the collaboration with trauma-informed coaches through Interlinkment Group, we’ve teamed up to offer you a free Discovery Call with a coach.

This is your opportunity to learn what coaching is, how it works, how it can help you specifically, and of course your opportunity to ask questions and share your concerns. This is absolutely free, no obligation whatsoever. You deserve this time to gather all of the information you need so you can make the best decision for you.

After your discovery call, if you’d like to move forward, your Discovery Coach will put you in contact with a coach who meets your criteria and specializes in the areas you want to address. You’ll be able to talk to your coach, get to know them, and decide how you’d like to proceed.

All of the coaches are experienced in working with survivors and offer various affordable programs tailor made to addressing your unique journey.

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Your free, no obligation Discovery Call awaits! Your opportunity to learn about working with a coach, ask questions, and see if the possibility of coaching could be a great decision for you!

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