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We regularly receive emails asking for various types of legal assistance for survivors of all types of trauma. Trying to navigate available legal options can be a very daunting task, and often a long one until you find the right representation or service that meets your situation.

We’ve created this page to help get you started if you’re in need of legal advice, attorney’s, or other advocacy resources.

This page is not an exhaustive list, and created for informational purposes only. CPTSD Foundation is not affiliated with any organization listed, and is not responsible for practices, scheduling, availability of programs or resources, pricing, or any other matter represented as part of each organization.

You’ll need to contact each via their website information to follow up on their available programs and assistance.

If you are in crisis

If you are in crisis, please see our Crisis Resources page, or contact your local 911, medical or mental health providers in your area, or an online crisis resource option.

Trauma-Informed Law

The trauma-informed law project is a pro bono collaborative project exploring how trauma affects the law.  And how trauma, and traumatized individuals, are impacted by the legal system.

Trauma-Informed Legal Advocacy Project

The Trauma-Informed Legal Advocacy (TILA) Project offers guidance on applying trauma-informed principles to working with survivors of domestic violence in the context of legal proceedings.

The TILA Project uses a scenario-based approach. Within each scenario, we practice applying an advocacy-based, trauma-informed perspective, considering what might be happening from the perspective of the person we are working with and what practical strategies might help.

Take Back the Night Foundation

If you are a survivor of sexual harassment, sexual assault, rape or other sexual violence, we want to help!

The TBTNF legal support team provides free support so you can learn your legal options. At this time, we are able to provide support for United States cases only. The National Sexual Assault Legal Hotline is available 24-7 so you immediately connect with a real person ready and willing to help. 

Sexual Violence Law Center

The Sexual Violence Law Center (SVLC) attorneys provide holistic, trauma-informed legal assistance to victims of sexual violence in a wide variety of legal matters, including protection orders, immigration, employment, public benefits, Title IX, housing, crime victim rights and more. We also provide technical assistance and trainings to advocates, attorneys, and judges working with victims of sexual violence.

Attorney’s for Survivors of Sexual Assault and Abuse

At Estey & Bomberger, LLP we understand the pain and trauma associated with a sexual assault. During this trying time, our child sexual assault attorneys want to let you know that you are not alone in recovering from such a traumatic experience. We are a law firm that uses our experience, knowledge, and resources to help survivors of sexual abuse feel supported throughout the recovery process.

What is Considered Sexual Assault? A Guide on Sexual Assault.

If you’re searching for advice on what to do after a sexual assault, consider this step-by-step guide for a detailed overview of what to do immediately following the incident, your rights, sexual assault laws in your state, and how to seek help with filing a sexual assault claim. **Trigger Warning** This information discusses various aspects of sexual assault; including a step-by-step guide for a detailed overview of what to do immediately following the incident, your rights, sexual assault laws in your state, and how to seek help with filing a sexual assault claim.

Suggested Searches

If you’re unable to find any suitable options, we suggest some of the following search terms. Each can be used with a “near me” or your city/town, search.

“Trauma-Informed Legal Help”

“Legal Help for Trauma Victims”

“Legal Help for Trauma Survivors”

“Trauma-Informed Lawyers”

“CPTSD Lawyers” or “PTSD Laywers”