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One text, once per day to help encourage you on your healing journey. Everyone can use alittle extra encouragement throughout the day, and what better way than a text sent at the same time, each day. 


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As survivors, we can all use a little more encouragement in our lives. One simple text, each day, offering you a word of validation and hope, can make all the difference. A simple message that reminds you each day that you are not alone can give you that extra boost of motivation to keep taking the next step in your own journey.

Every text from CPTSD Foundation is designed and created to help you feel supported, encouraged, and filled with hope as you navigate daily life as a survivor. From inspiring quotes, links to great resources, or encouraging meme’s, it’s our hope that your life will be positively impacted by taking this small step to help make your healing a priority.

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Quotes and Content in Daily Encouraging Texts

The quotes that are shared are the property of their respective owners. CPTSD Foundation does not claim any rights to or ownership of the content shared in the Daily Encouraging Texts. Content shared through the texts is for informational purposes only and is provided to help encourage and inspire you on your healing journey.

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At home or on the go, if you’ve got a mobile phone, you’ve got a daily means of encouragement that could make a huge difference in your life.


For only $4.99 per month (USD), you can begin receiving our daily texts and feel encouraged every day. No contract, cancel anytime. See our Cancellation and Refund Policy.


Our texts will always be safe and trauma-informed. We will never send you invalidating messages, and we will never spam you or share your information.

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Your healing journey is ongoing, why not give yourself an additional opportunity to feel inspired and validated!