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Join us every Monday on our YouTube Channel, at 9pm Eastern/5pm Pacific for open discussions about all things Complex Trauma recovery and healing.

We Would Love for You to Join Us!


Each week we come together on YouTube to talk about all things Complex Trauma Recovery, in a safe atmosphere where your voice matters, your questions are important, and your presence is always appreciated. A place where you are valued just for being you, with no expectations. #CPTSDchat is a place of healing, validation, encouragement, and yes we even have fun too!

Everyone is welcome, all we ask is to be respectful of others during the livestreams, and remember that these interactive chats are not crisis support. 

Your #CPTSDchat Facilitator 

Athena Moberg, Executive Director

Athena is an author, speaker, and advocate working in the field of Complex Trauma Recovery, in addition to her duties as Executive Director for the Foundation of Post-Traumatic Healing and Complex Trauma Research..

With a deep passion for helping those who have been impacted by adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), she and her staff of dedicated volunteers reach thousands of survivors weekly in over 180 countries.

This foundation is her life’s work. 

She’s proud to work in tandem with expert practitioners and treatment centers, offering daily touchpoints to anyone currently in trauma therapy or who wants a safe place to come, feel heard, and validated between therapy appointments.

Athena resides in Hawaii with her husband Jim. Her son Jordan is a Marine Corps Veteran utilizing his GI Bill benefits to pursue a degree in Neuroscience with hopes of transitioning to graduate work, either a Ph.D. candidacy or Medical School. Her daughter-in-law Christina is a Second Lieutenant in the US Army while attending Veterinary School.

With 3 published books, Athena speaks publicly every week and firmly believes compassion is a priceless gift we can all give.

What is #CPTSDchat

#CPTSDchat is a weekly Q&A and open discussion on CPTSD Foundation’s YouTube Channel. Your host, Athena Moberg, shares insight, personal stories, research, and takes questions from the community in a live, interactive chat format. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions and share as they feel safe in doing so; although interaction is never a requirement. 

Simply come as you are, with no expectations other than to be in a safe environment with other survivors who are coming together to give and receive support. 

How do I Join #CPTSDchat?

It’s easy! All you need to do is head over to our YouTube channel each Monday at 9 pm eastern/5 pm pacific. Athena will begin the live stream and you can interact in the chatbox with other community members if you like. It’s completely Free!

How can I Subscribe so I get Notifications?

We’d love to have you as a subscriber to #CPTSDchat! You can subscribe to the channel in the same way you would any other YouTube channel, simply Click the Subscribe button + the bell 🔔  so you don’t miss new videos. 🙂 

Are the Livestreams Therapy?

The weekly live streams should never be considered therapy, a replacement for therapy, or any type of medical or mental health care. Always seek professional, trauma-informed support outside of these weekly live streams, to help you on your healing journey. 

Have Another Question?

We’re always happy to help. Just head over to our contact page and send us your questions. We’ll be happy to respond, usually within 48 hours. We appreciate your patience as we get back to you. 

What Topics are Covered?

All topics discussed during the weekly live stream are related to Complex Trauma Recovery. Athena shares her personal insight, lived experiences, latest research, recommended resources for healing, and much more. All of the videos are interactive, and participants are encouraged, but not required, to share and interact with the other members of the community during the chats.

Do I have to Interact with Others?

Nope! No need to say a word if you’re not comfortable in doing so. You can just come and watch and hang out in any capacity you want. If at some point you would like to share with others during the video, in the chatbox, you are more than welcome! 

Is the Chat Moderated?

Yes! We have a team of moderators that join the live stream each week to help moderate the chat. They affectionately call themselves, “the blue wrench crew”! cool

The moderators help keep the chat running smoothly, answer general questions, and also remove any unwelcomed spammers or trolls.

What if I am in Crisis?

The weekly live streams are not crisis support, and should never be used as such. If you are feeling unsafe, or are in any type of crisis, we encourage you to reach out to your local medical or mental health providers, or an online resource such as the ones outlined here

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