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Daily Recovery Support Call Leader

Helping to empower our members with skills, education, and compassionate support during their healing journey.


CPTSD Foundation is looking for...


Licensed Clinicians, Certified Coaches, and Leading Advocates to help facilitate a safe environment while equipping our members with excellent trauma informed care. 

Professionals who would be willing to lead a call, or series of calls, on a topic that fits your expertise and is in line with content we offer and support on our platform.

If you’re interested in learning more, read on and be sure to let us know by filling out the informational form further down on this page. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

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What is Daily Recovery Support?

We’re glad you asked! Daily Recovery Support is under the umbrella of CPTSD Foundation, and provides trauma informed support 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Essentially, we offer the support we wish we would have had access to.  Many of our call leaders are survivors themselves, and we are keenly aware of the struggles that our members endure just trying to get through each day.

Healing from trauma is a life long journey, and along the way we hope to empower and encourage our members as they take back their life from their past.

We encourage you to check out our information page to learn more about the calls, including both what they are and what they are not.

What do we cover on the calls?

In addition to our current staff of call leaders, we also invite trauma experts, therapists, coaches, authors, and other thought leaders in the world of trauma recovery to help lead the daily recovery support calls by covering a topic that is in line with their area of expertise.

All call topics pertain to complex trauma recovery and include but are not limited to: Anxiety, Food Issues, Depression, Boundaries & Safe People, Faith in Recovery, Guilt &  Shame, Narcissistic Abuse, Skills-Based Recovery, Faith in Recovery, and more.

We also have weekly Q&A calls, where members can ask questions and share comments on any aspect of their healing journey from complex trauma.


How many calls could I lead?
You have the opportunity to lead just 1 call, or multiple calls in an ongoing series. Please indicate your suggestions and ideas on your informational form.
How long are the calls?
Calls are 45 minutes long and run 7 days a week, starting at 8pm Eastern time. In the future we will be hosting additional calls for our survivor community members who live in the UK and Europe.
Can I offer my courses or books?

We allow guest call leaders to include all of the following information, which will be listed on your specific call while it’s in progress, as well as permanently listed in the member’s area, where they can watch and listen anytime after.

-Name and any certifications or licenses you have.
-3 sentence bio
-Professional headshot
-Link to your course, book, or services along with a brief description.

Ultimately the daily calls are about providing insight, skills, and encouragement to the members in a safe and “non-salesy” atmosphere. We can work out the details with you and answer any further questions on this topic during your informational call that is scheduled after we receive your form.

Am I doing a presentation or Q&A only?
That’s mainly up to you. Ideally when you lead a call, you would have a short presentation on a particular topic of your expertise. This can include a PDF with bullet points of information, a powerpoint deck, word document, or other materials that can be easily viewed online.

The members can interact with you by asking questions and sharing comments in the chat box, which you can then address during the call.

We also have the ability for members to speak their question outloud, to you and the group. This is not required but can be helpful if the member feels safe in sharing this way.

How do I sign up lead a call?
We ask each professional who is interested in leading a call, to fill out the informational form. After CPTSD Foundation leaders receive your information, we will reach out to you via email and schedule a call to learn more about you, and you about us.

After that call we will review the information and your ideas; and if selected, you’ll be contacted with a scheduling link where you can select one or more days of calls to lead.

How many members attend the calls?
Since we host these calls 7 days a week, attendance can vary but there is always a solid percentage of our overall membership who show up on a daily basis, or multiple times per week to receive support.
How do I join the calls, do they use video?

All calls are hosted on our CPTSD Foundation Zoom platform, which supports both audio and video, as well as screen share capability.

Daily Recovery Support Calls are hosted using audio-only, with screen shares. We do allow members to share questions and comments in the chat box throughout the call, and during the last minutes by using their voice if they choose.

Do call leaders receive a fee for leading?
As of now, we are seeking call leaders who are willing to come and share their expertise on a volunteer basis. You will have access to a group of members who are eager to learn, and seeking support and encouragement in their lives as they continue healing from complex trauma.

You are also allowed to share your course, book, or other resource with the group at the end, and it will be listed in the members area permanently, so when members go back and watch the archive, they will see your contact information and be able to access the materials you’d like to promote.

We want to keep the calls safe and free from being “salesy”, but we also understand that sharing information about your products is important. We can discuss this with you further before scheduling your members call.

In the future, as we continue to grow, we will be offering monetary compensation to call leaders.

Our Mission


Survivors across the globe need support more than ever, and Daily Recovery Support is here to help answer that call and equip these brave men and women with not only skills and knowledge, but also with a sense of hope and confidence they may never have received until now.


Join us and be a part of this revolutionary method of helping those who so desperately need it. Your first step is to fill out the informational form, and upon receiving it we will reach out to you with the next steps.


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I just want to say that the work that you are doing to keep complex trauma survivors on the path of healing, and your lovely and supportive community (which I have had several opportunities to observe) I’ve found it to be a very great asset to those suffering the complex after effects of years maybe lifetimes of abuse, because it helps us know that we’re not alone, we’re not crazy, we’re not imagining things, and we are definitely not the cause of all the ills that befell us, or even still are happening to us.

CPTSD Foundation

YouTube Subscriber

There is nothing else like it that I am aware of. I get lost in my head with bad thoughts and feel suicidal a lot because I feel there is something wrong with me. Now I know that I am NOT the only one struggling with this. Through the supportive group chat and the education from Athena and Matt, I am gaining more tools to face each hour of each day. I want to live, not just merely survive and these calls are giving me hope that this is possible.

CPTSD Foundation

Daily Calls Member

together we can make a difference

Millions of survivors each and every day are seeking information and support as they learn about their past as well as navigate daily life in the wake of complex trauma. We are here to help support them with education, skills, and compassionate support so they never feel alone again.

We would be honored to have you join us as we empower survivors to make their healing a priority.

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