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We are Honored to Sponsor these Highly Rated Podcasts, and be Featured in the following blogs and online resources for Mental Health and Trauma Recovery.

We are a proud sponsor of the award winning, highly acclaimed, Trauma Therapist Podcast with Guy MacPherson. Inspiring interviews with thought-leaders and game-changers in the fields of trauma, mindfulness, addiction and yoga. His show feature journeys of passionate mental health workers who dedicate their lives to helping others heal and thrive.

Guy MacPherson, PhD

Trauma Therapist Podcast

Athena Moberg - Loosening the Shackles of Shame, Podcast

by Guy MacPherson | Trauma Therapist Project

Weekly Live Q&A for Survivors of Complex Trauma

by Athena Moberg | #CPTSDchat on YouTube

We are a proud sponsor of the Beyond Your Past Podcast, featuring Coaches, Clinicians, and Advocates who are using their story and their help to help inspire others to live free from anxiety and live free from their past. 

Beyond Your Past is part of the Mental Health News Radio Network; featuring a network of podcasters promoting all aspects of Mental Health Awareness.

Matthew Pappas, CLC, MPNLP

Beyond Your Past, Podcast

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