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CPTSD Awareness Day

September 2nd


Clinicians, Coaches, Authors, Advocates

Exclusive Video Interviews from leading names in the trauma recovery field.

4th Annual CPTSD Awareness Day

 September 2nd


Our We Are Healing Trauma Virtual Summit is happening throughout the month of September and we’d love for you to join us by securing your access to the incredible interviews and workshop we’ve lined up. Throughout the month we’ll be releasing interviews from all of our guest speakers for this year, complete with transcripts, and bonus content!

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Free writing workshop with Donna Jenson


Writing as Medicine: for survivors of Childhood Trauma. This live workshop will be hosted by CPTSD Foundation Executive Director Athena Petersen and Donna Jenson. It runs from 2pm-4pm eastern, on September 2nd, 2023.

Donna facilitates writing circles for survivors, and is the author of Healing My Life from Incest to Joy, a play, What She Knows, and produced a documentary, Telling Is Healing. She also coaches survivors to reach their goals and realize their visions.

You can learn more about Donna, her team, and organization by visiting: TimeToTell.org

Remember, this event is completely free. No other purchase required, simply pre-register to ensure you save your spot!

Registration for the free writing workshop is now closed. Thank you to all who attended; it was an amazing time of healing.  We are working on a possible 2nd free workshop later in September.

Stay tuned to this page for updates. 

For everyone who purchases the All-Access Pass, the workshop is included as a recording!

Learn more about the workshop

Writing as medicine: for survivors of childhood abuse
2 hours online
By Donna Jenson

Buried under our traumas there runs a deep wellspring of expression and creativity waiting to be tapped into within a circle of survivors writing together. My healing path from incest is filled with writing experiences both alone and with others as far back as the 1970’s.

The workshop format is designed for fostering both personal exploration and the creation of community with an amalgamation of two primary activities:
1. Writing and reading our writing.
2. Mindfulness practices to stay grounded.

Through the combination of these two we can move in and out of the myriad of emotions and impressions our experiences have placed within us to find the joy and strength of our true selves. Writing prompts are offered and participants write within the safe container of the group.

My teaching philosophy in leading workshops specifically for survivors is to see each person as unique and entitled to a safe and supportive environment where their writing is both received and encouraged with positivity. In a culture where many survivors are not believed (and often rejected) it is critical to confirm and affirm that what each narrator has to say is worthy of our undivided attention.

There are threads of common purpose for writing within such a group. We catch the undercurrent of our minds, spread it out on the page and see what we make of it to:
1. broaden self-awareness,
2. pour out feelings and emotions onto paper,
3. reclaim or preserve memories of ourselves, people, and events,
4. sort out thoughts and clarify ideas; and,
5. reap the wisdom of the unconscious.

Participants will receive a free gift – the first chapter of my book, Healing My Life from Incest to Joy.

We Are Healing Trauma 2023 Guest Speakers

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kati morton- CPTSD Foundation Virtual Summit
kati morton- CPTSD Foundation Virtual Summit
svava brooks- CPTSD Foundation Virtual Summit
rachel grant- CPTSD Foundation Virtual Summit
svava brooks- CPTSD Foundation Virtual Summit
robyn brickel- CPTSD Foundation Virtual Summit
dr jamie huysman - we are healing trauma
dr jamie huysman - we are healing trauma
dr jamie huysman - we are healing trauma
robyn brickel- CPTSD Foundation Virtual Summit

Plus! All Interviews and Transcripts from 2020-2022

kati morton- CPTSD Foundation Virtual Summit
dr jamie huysman - we are healing trauma
dr jamie huysman - we are healing trauma
dr jamie huysman - we are healing trauma
dr jamie huysman - we are healing trauma

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