Shirley J. Davis

I’m a survivor, that’s what I do

I did not give up then

I do not give up now

I will battle to my last breath

Fighting long-held lies with the truth

I am scared

I am battle worn

And I admit, I’m exhausted

Yet, I keep fighting on

I’ve been through deepest hell

Have looked evil in the face

It has attempted to steal my soul

And yet I have survived

I was supposed to self-destruct

To roll over and simply die

Yet, I have not lost that war

I have won

I am victorious over those who planned

To keep me down forever

But, I will no longer hide

I am not the one who should feel shame

I am full of furry

My heart is full of passion

I scream out in unsaid words

My mouth cannot adequately say

However, I cannot be shut up

I cannot be made silent

I will not remain quiet

And I will betray those who hurt me

If you are harming children

Watch out for my anger

Hot and billowing in the wind

It is coming for you


It is coming for you


I will speak out for those too small

To take action on their own

I will continue to flex my muscles

To battle on, no matter the cost

Whatever fate throws my way

Or death when it arrives

I will hold onto who I am

And meet each challenge with eyes wide open



I am a survivor, that’s what I do


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