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Join us each week as we read through and discuss trauma-healing books and materials in a safe, group atmosphere.


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If you like to read, and you’re interested in increasing your knowledge of trauma recovery while interacting in a safe group with other survivors, our Healing Book Club is for you!

What We’re Reading…

As of May 7th, 2022, the current book will be – “A Practical Guide to Complex PTSD: Compassionate Strategies to Begin Healing from Childhood Trauma.”

by Dr. Arielle Schwartz.

Excerpt from Amazon listing

Repetitive trauma during childhood can impact your emotional development, creating a ripple effect that carries into adulthood. Complex post-traumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD) is a physical and psychological response to these repeated traumatic events. A Practical Guide to Complex PTSD contains research-based strategies, tools, and support for individuals working to heal from their childhood trauma. You don’t have to be a prisoner of your past.

Learn the skills necessary to improve your physical and mental health with practical strategies taken from the most effective therapeutic methods, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), and somatic psychology. When appropriately addressed, the wounds of your past no longer need to interfere with your ability to live a meaningful and satisfying life.

This book includes:

  • Understand C-PTSD—Get an in-depth explanation of complex PTSD, including its symptoms, its treatment through various therapies, and more.
  • Address the symptoms—Discover evidence-based strategies for healing the symptoms of complex PTSD, like avoidance, depression, emotional dysregulation, and hopelessness.
  • Real stories—Relate to others’ experiences with complex PTSD with multiple real-life examples included in each chapter.

Start letting go of the pain from your past—A Practical Guide to Complex PTSD can help show you how.

**In addition to this book, you have the option to also work through Dr. Schwartz’s, “The Complex PTSD Workbook” as well. We have created a members chat group to share your experiences as you go through this workbook. 

Ways to obtain the books we read

We understand that books can sometimes be expensive, and not everyone can afford to purchase a new copy, so we’ve outlined some additional ways to obtain new and used copies of the resources we cover.


This is perhaps the most convenient and one of the most affordable ways. You can purchase new and used copies of books for very low or free shipping.


If you have the Kindle app for your phone (it’s free), or any kindle device, you can purchase a book and have it immediately sent to your device or app. This method is usually much less expensive than traditional paperback.

Local Library

You’d be surprised at what you can find at your local library, especially when it comes to books that are not new releases. Consider contacting your library to see if they carry what you’re looking for.

Book Exchange

Resources that allow you to borrow a book for a period of time, and then simply return it when you’re done. These can be free or very low cost.

Program Information

Weekly Calls

The Healing Book Club meets on Saturdays at 4 pm eastern, on Zoom.

Catch Up and Replays

All program calls are recorded and loaded into your secure members area so you can catch up or rewatch a call anytime.


All program calls are faciliated by a CPTSD Foundation staff member who is trauma-informed.

Affordable Membership

For only $10 per month, you can join us each week in this safe, healing, program. 6-month and Yearly plans available as well. No contract, cancel anytime. Cancellation & Refund Policy.

Rules & Guidelines

In order to participate in this program, you agree that you’ve read, understand, accept, and will abide by all rules & guidelines at all times. These are also linked on the program calls and referenced on the check out page.

Trauma Healing Material

All books read in the club are considered valuable reading for survivors of complex trauma. Authors include field leading experts in trauma recovery and mental health. Full list of past books read in the club are available in your members area.

Your Voice Matters

We value your input. We encourage you to share book ideas, participate in open discussion on the current book, and share how you feel we can improve the experience for you.

Safe Atmosphere

We facilitate a safe atmosphere on every call, free from bullying, invalidation, or minimizing. Everyone is respected, encouraged, and validated for who they are.

Connect with Others

As part of your membership, you’ll also have access to an online community where you can interact with other class members and get bonus program material.

Have a Question?

Contact us anytime for help. Our team is happy to answer questions for you and address any concerns you have. 

Your Healing Book Club Leader

Sabra joined CPTSD Foundation in 2017. She leads the weekly Healing Book Club and several of the Daily Recovery Support Calls. In addition, she researches future resources for the CPTSD Foundation to use.

Sabra received her LMSW in 2021 and is an outpatient therapist working with a wide range of ages and trauma experiences. She enjoys helping others work through their own healing journey by embracing their strengths and capacity to heal.

Sabra Cain, LMSW

Healing Book Club and Daily Recovery Support Leader

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Check the Healing Book Club Calendar

We meet every Saturday at 4pm eastern. Our program calendar outlines not only the book club, but also many other programs available through CPTSD Foundation.  

Why is there a membership fee?

We ask that all members who register, agree to pay a small monthly, 6-month, or annual membership fee. There is no contract and you can safely cancel at any time. Please reference our Cancellation & Refund Policy.


All proceeds from the Healing Book Club membership go to our general scholarship fund, which provides access to not only the book club, but also the Daily Recovery Support Calls, and other CPTSD Foundation educational materials to those in need of financial support. In addition, your donation also helps us to continue providing programs and resources for survivors and practitioners.

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