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Trauma-Informed Partner Support

“TIPS” for spouses, partners, caregivers, and those who are directly involved in the life of a trauma survivor.


Join us in Trauma-Informed Partner Support

Begins March 4th, 2023. 

Early Access Begins February 1st, 2023.

You Asked, We Listened! Since CPTSD Foundation began, we’ve understood the criticial role that supportive partners play in the life of a trauma survivor. Spouses, partners, caregivers, siblings; anyone who is directly involved in the daily life of an adult survivor of complex trauma.

This program provides that safe place of encouragement, support, information, and validation that supportive partners and helpers need. You are safe here, and among others who understand the challenges of helping a survivor navigate daily life.

Read on to learn more about this unique program that focuses on encouraging and equipping you, the supportive partner, as you not only help care for the survivor in your life, but also for yourself.

As an inaugural member of this new program, if you register with your Early Adopter Membership by February 28th, you’ll get an additional 30 days of access, for a total of 120 days, rather than the usual 90 day access. Plus! if you decide to continue on after your membership ends, you can lock in the same quarterly rate and additional 30 days access!

Access to the private online group for this program, opens up Feb. 1, 2023. Live calls begin March 4, 2023.

What is Trauma-Informed Partner Support (TIPS) and how does this program work?

This program focuses solely on providing a safe, supportive, and informative place for anyone who is involved in the life of a trauma-survivor. Spouses, partners, caregivers, siblings, close friends, colleagues; you are a vitally important aspect of healing and support for the survivor in your life.

Your role as a supporter can make all the difference for someone who is navigating daily life in the wake of a traumatic past. Your compassion and dedication to providing a safe place for the survivor in your life, means they have that space to “just be.” That type of space shows them that not only are you safe and you are on their side, but also models the type of people they want to seek out as they continue to grow and form new relationships of all types.

Your survivor likely has a therapist, coach, support group, and other resources to aid in their recovery; however, as a supporter, you need help and access to resources as well.

This program is for you!

We’ve developed this quarterly program to give you that space to be among others who are involved in the day-to-day life of an adult survivor of trauma. When you register and complete your one-time membership payment, you’ll receive 120 days of access (which includes the 30 days bonus access referenced above), to everything the program has to offer. If you decide to continue on after your membership ends, you can lock in the same single payment and additional access.

Along with being able to interact daily in our online groups, you’ll have access to additional important resources including:

  • Live calls on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays: These calls give you the opportunity to share your experiences and ask questions in a safe group atmosphere. On Wednesdays you can participate in Lunch Break yoga class.
  • Library of self-paced videos: Our team shares weekly content that you can do at your own pace, at any time that fits your schedule. These short, “bite-sized” videos include meditation, Reiki, yoga classes, trauma-informed education, tips & best practices for supporting yourself and the survivor in your life, self-care, and more!

Our goal in creating this program is to not only provide you with information and validation, but also to ensure that you are taking care of yourself in the process. Your health and well-being are just as important as that of the survivor in your life.

See a sample in our Learn More resource


If you aren’t familiar with how this program works, you can watch an introductory video with your program leaders. This is a free resource which includes samples of many of our other programs as well.

Give it a try!

Program Information

Weekly Calls

Saturdays at 1pm eastern: live group calls to share your experiences.

Sundays at 1pm eastern: Open Q&A format to ask questions about caring for survivors and yourself.

Wednesdays at Noon eastern: Lunch Break Yoga; virtual yoga class, no experience or yoga mat necessary.

Catch Up and Replays

All program calls are recorded and available 24/7 so you can watch on your own schedule. 


All program calls and online groups are faciliated by CPTSD Foundation staff members who are trauma-informed and focused on you.

Affordable Membership

To help celebrate the launch of this program in 2023, your Early Adopter quarterly membership is only $59, and an extra 30 days of access. That’s less than $20 per month for unlimited access to the program for the duration of your membership. No contract, cancel anytime. Cancellation & Refund Policy.

Rules & Guidelines

In order to participate in this program, you agree that you’ve read, understand, accept, and will abide by all rules & guidelines at all times. These are also linked on the program calls and referenced on the check out page.

Connect with Others

Your membership includes access to our safe, secure, online groups where you can post questions, share helpful resources, and interact with CPTSD Foundation staff and members in your group.

Your Voice Matters

We value your input. We encourage you to share your thoughts on what you want to see in this program. 

Safe Atmosphere

We facilitate a safe atmosphere on every call, free from bullying, invalidation, or minimizing. Everyone is respected, encouraged, and validated.

Self-Paced Content

Your life is busy, so we provide a large library of self-paced content that you can watch at any time. This content is in addition to the live calls on the weekends. 

Have a Question?

Contact us anytime for help. Our team is happy to answer questions for you and address any concerns you have. 

Your “TIPS” Facilitators

You’ll find additional information about the leaders on our staff page. These leaders will take turns leading live calls, recording content for the members library, and being active in the online groups.

Athena Petersen

Athena Petersen

Executive Director

In addition to providing pre-recorded content in the member library, you’ll see Athena in the online group on a regular basis.

Ashni Shah

Ashni Shah

Call Leader, Coordinator

Ashni will be leading calls on Saturdays and Sundays, creating recorded content in the member library, and active in the online groups.

Shravani Bojja

Shravani Bojja

Call Leader

Shravani will be leading calls Saturdays and Sundays, creating recorded content in the member library, and active in the online groups.

Mindy Levine

Mindy Levine

Yoga Facilitator

Mindy will be facilitating the Lunch Break Yoga classes on Wednesdays at 12pm eastern. In addition, you’ll see her in the online groups.

Jacky Whelan

Jacky Whelan

Call Leader

Jacky will be providing self-paced Reiki videos in the members area, as well as leading calls on Saturdays and Sundays.

Naima Mokhtar

Naima Mokhtar

Call Leader

Naima will be active in the online groups, assisting in leading calls, and creating recorded content in the members library. 

Stay Up to Date

Check the Events Calendar

The Trauma-Informed Partner Support program meets Saturdays and Sundays at 1pm eastern, and Wednesdays at Noon eastern, for live calls on Zoom. We keep the calendar updated with all of the programs available at CPTSD Foundation.

Registration Information

To celebrate the launch of this program in 2023, you’re eligible to take advantage of our Early Adopter special membership rate.

This special discounted quarterly membership of $59 gives you 4 months of access to everything the program has to offer. Plus! If you decide you’d like to renew and continue on, you can lock in this special rate for as long as your membership is active.

Why is there a membership fee?

We ask that all members who register and join this program, agree to pay a small quarterly membership fee. There is no contract and you can safely cancel at any time. Please reference our Cancellation & Refund Policy.


Your quarterly membership fee helps us provide a safe, supportive, and informative atmosphere for you as a supportive partner, as well as helping us to continue promoting awareness about complex trauma and creating programs to help survivors in their ongoing healing.

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