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Please consider checking out the amazing work of our wonderful partner organizations!

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Illuma Health

Illuma Health provides discounted access their library of courses and programs to mental health professionals. Topics include trauma-informed facilitation, fundamentals, relational somatics, group workshops, and more!

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Tar Tales was created the team behind Partners in Men's Health, to provide a safe and confidential space for everyone to share their truth through the process of writing down their traumatic, real life stories. (Toxic Abusive Relationship).


Partners in Men’s Health helps all partners and spouses locked into TAR while focusing on men primarily. PMH supports men to heal with dignity through the concealed pandemic of Emotional Abuse at the hands of Personality Disordered loved ones.

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Our mission is to stop institutional child abuse by empowering self-advocates to promote lasting social change. We envision a world where youth are free from institutionalization and the voices of young people are respected in the development of their own mental, emotional, and physical well-being.


We are a PRO-nurse advocacy organization working in solidarity with NNAA membership to repair and heal a broken healthcare system to help those who have undergone unjust discipline, slander and abuse by various state nursing regulatory bodies.


Together Estranged (TE) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization headquartered in Boston, MA. TE supports and empowers those estranged from family members, often due to abuse, childhood trauma, lack of acceptance after coming out as LGBTQ+ and more. The organization provides social support services, mental health workshops and events to combat loneliness and build a sense of community.


CPTSD Foundation Programs & Resources

We offer a variety of programs for survivors, designed to help supplement individual therapy. All of our programs affordably priced and some are Free. Our goal is to empower the healing journey of survivors of trauma and equip them with skills, information, and compassionate support.

Become an Affiliate of CPTSD Foundation

If you have programs, courses, books, or resources focusing on trauma recovery or any aspect of mental health, we want to hear from you. Consider becoming and affiliate of CPTSD Foundation to have your resources listed here. In addition, if you have an affiliate program with your organization, please contact us to discuss partnership opportunities.

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