Pride Support Program


This program features live calls and online groups, in a safe and supportive atmosphere, all designed through a trauma-informed lens, and developed to provide information, affirmation, and encouragement to trauma survivors in the LGBTQIA+ community.

Weekly Calls

Live calls on Thursdays at 7pm eastern

Online Groups

Chat with other members outside of weekly calls

Safe & Affirming

This program is a safe space to share and support others

Program Information

Program Overview: 

This program focuses on providing a safe, supportive, and informative place for anyone who identifies with, or is an ally of, the LGBTQIA+ community.

There are weekly live calls on Thursdays and safe online groups where members can come together in a space dedicated to healing from trauma and covering topics that directly impact the daily life of trauma survivors in the pride community.

During live calls, the facilitator will have a screen share that covers topics including but not limited too:

  • Discrimination
  • Exclusion
  • Marginalization
  • Social Acceptance
  • Unfair Treatment
  • Familial Rejection
  • Health Concerns Neglect
  • Culture
  • & more

The live calls are your unique experience to interact as little or as much as you like. You’ll have the opportunity to share during the call either using your voice or by typing in the chat. Moderators will be on each call to interact with the members and assist the call facilitator in addressing questions and comments. They will also help ensure the calls are always a safe space by having the ability to address any concerns, should they arise.

Cameras are optional on all live calls. Sharing by using your voice is encouraged, but never required. The facilitator can unmute anyone who wishes to share out loud.

The facilitator will typically read and discuss the topic via a screenshare for the first half of each call, and then open up for discussion and thoughts from the members. As a member of this program, you have input into what we cover. If you feel there is something that needs to be included, we welcome your input.

Live calls are not recorded; and no additional recordings are allowed as per our guidelines.

The online safe groups are available 24/7 from your smart phone or computer. Members are encouraged to share resources, ask questions, and support one another in the groups. All groups, and all aspects of this program are available to active members only, no visitors are allowed. This ensures that we can continue to hold the safe, affirming space for everyone, free from invalidation and marginalization

This program is not therapy and should never be considered as such. It is a peer support program, designed to help supplement ongoing individual healing work.

We’ve developed this program to give you a place to come and be around others in the pride community who are healing from complex trauma. Your voice matters, you matter. We welcome you with open arms.

Live Virtual Support Weekly:

  • Live calls via Zoom on Thursdays at 7pm eastern

Online Chat Groups:

  • Chat with your call leader and other program members outside of the weekly program calls. 

Added Benefit:

As an additional benefit of your membership, you’ll have access to our Weekly Creative Group (Sundays at 6pm eastern)

Your quartery membership is only $59. It will continue to renew every 3 months at the same unless you cancel. That’s less than $20 per month for unlimited access to the program for the duration of your membership. No contract, cancel anytime. Plus, you have access to our Weekly Creative Group, which meets on Sundays at 6pm eastern. 

Cancellation & Refund Policy.

We facilitate a validating and encouraging atmosphere on every call, free from bullying, invalidation, or minimizing. Everyone is respected, encouraged, and validated for who they are.

We value your input. We encourage you to participate in open discussions by using the chat box during the calls or by “raising your hand” to share using your voice. There is never any requirement to share in any capacity; all members are encouraged to inertact as they see fit.

Your thoughts and ideas are always welcome; we value the input of all members to help make our programs the very best they can be for everyone. 

In order to participate in this program, you agree that you’ve read, understand, accept, and will abide by all rules & guidelines at all times. These are also linked on the program calls and referenced on the check out page.

See a sample in our Learn More resource

If you aren’t familiar with how this program works, you can watch a sample in our free Learn More resource. We’ve created, “Learn More”, to help you understand what each program is like before you sign up. Simply register with your email and you’ll have access to samples of this, and most of our other programs as well.

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Your Pride Support Facilitators

Oak is the primary call leader each week, and also active in the online groups.


Pride Support Call Facilitator, (They/Them)

Mindy joins the calls regularly as a chat moderator, and is our program facilitator for Trauma-Informed Yoga.

Mindy Levine

Chat Moderator, (She/Her)

Ashni joins the calls regularly as a chat moderator, and as a call leader for Daily Recovery Support.

Ashni Shah

Chat Moderator, (She/Her)

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