In the pretence of only wanting to protect children, fingers are being pointed at Transwomen, Drag Queens, any LGBT members, at Foreigners/ Immigrants. While fingers and anger are misdirected, while politicians use children’s traumatic experiences for their political agenda, more children are being raped and abused, mostly at home. While real perpetrators are free to pounce on their young prey, innocent people are being used and abused. This needs to stop.

Back in February 2023, in my neighbourhood, a far-right group – Turning Point – gathered in front of a pub, protesting against a Drag Queen Story Hour, claiming out loud, they were there to stop the sexualising of children. Similar events are happening, pointing fingers at the LGBTQA+ community. Fortunately, Turning Point was outnumbered by local residents in support of the Drag Queen Story Hour. Unfortunately, all over the world, such protests are gaining momentum.

On the 5th of April 2023, Suella Braverman singled out men with a Pakistani background as the main perpetrators of white girls. She also defends an anti-immigrant law, implying male refugees are also perpetrators. Sir Peter Wanless, NSPSS CEO, issued a warning, saying it was “vital” to remember “that any child can be a victim of child sexual exploitation and adult perpetrators do not just come from one background.” He added, “Sexual predators will target the most vulnerable and accessible children in society and there must be a focus on more than just race so we do not create new blind spots that prevent victims from being identified.”

Soon, the Labour Party posted this ad:








Later, Rishi Sunak claimed politicians should offer “less talk, more action.” Clearly, child sexual abuse and child exploitation are used as political tools to win people’s favour and garner votes in the upcoming elections.

While groups of people attack and point the finger at others and while politicians argue, millions of children are being raped and the real perpetrators are getting away with it all, as they usually do. As we look back at Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris, Gary Glitter, and, let us not forget, Jeffrey Epstein, with his closest friend Ghislaine Maxwell, and Harvey Weinstein, the list continues to go on and on. Every single one of these individuals got away with using and abusing children for decades. They were “hiding in plain sight,” meaning that so many people knew and “heard rumours of inappropriate behaviour,” but they decided not to hear and help the victims. There are always victims who speak up and often they are always shut down.

The following clearly demonstrates this fact: Sylvia Edwards, a 59-year-old carer and mother-of-two, was just 19 when 20 million people watched Jimmy Savile molest her on national television. The assault happened during the filming of Top Of The Pops and footage captures Sylvia’s discomfort as the presenter made lewd comments while groping her. Sylvia has blasted the idea that bosses at the BBC had no idea about Savile’s antics and told the GMB about how her complaints about the incident were brushed off. (In fact, she was told by a cameraman: “That’s just Jimmy, go away.”)

The assault at BBC TV Centre in West London on November 25, 1976 that left Sylvia with mental scars was the first video evidence of Savilles’ sex abuse.”

Jeffrey Epstein had an army of rich and famous friends, all around the world, from Les Wexner, to Donald Trump (who, as I write this, has just been found guilty of sexually abusing E Jean Carroll and is still denying it while attempting to run again for president), Prince Andrew, and Bill Clinton. Again, the list goes on and on. Harvey Weinstein was one of his pals too. Remember R. Kelly and Michael Jackson as well. All these rich men were surrounded by enablers who kept quiet because these individuals brought them money, connection, and young prey. Mostly, these perpetrators were/are rich white men from the same circles.

Since the arrest of former MET Police Officer David Carrick, more officers have been arrested, but there is little sense of relief as these arrests make onlookers think about how many police staff have been getting away with indecent exposure, rape, and physical assault for decades while retaining their position after only a small “Slap on the wrist.” 

Accusing minorities of being rapists is an old trick that has been used to discriminate against them. It creates suspicion and division. It takes the light away from the real perpetrators who are still enjoying their lives while destroying the lives of others.

Most important of all is that it is disgusting to use children’s traumatic experiences to get a political point across. It is disrespectful. It leaves victims – children – in the dark of despair. There is no one to protect them, fight with them, or fight for them. Organisations that support children and their families are underfunded. The people in a position to do anything about sexual abuse and exploitation, in terms of law and legislation, are too busy arguing to get to the top. Dare I write that they are too busy covering up their own immoral behaviour or their the behaviors of their friends.

So, who is protecting children?

Take gentle care of yourselves,