Certain people reek of negative energy. After spending some time in their company, I usually felt drained — ‌possibly for the next day. The ability to internalize the energies of others can be a good thing, especially when surrounded by genuinely loving and caring individuals. Sometimes, though, this trait of mine can be detrimental–especially when encountering psychic beasts‌-called “energy vampires.”

What is an energy vampire?

Energy Vampires and Narcissism

Traits of Energy Vampires

Energy vampires can be very charismatic. They’re often crafty and may blame conflicts and problems on those they consider weak. They seldom — if ever — accept responsibility for failure in any disagreement or difference of opinion. We, as empathy, are often left holding the guilt — and possibly the blame. Other traits are:

What Are the Garlic and Crucifix for Energy Vampires?

Be proactive!

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