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Misdiagnosis: Is It Bipolar Disorder or Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

More often than people wish to think, folks go to mental health specialists and receive a misdiagnosis. This isn’t entirely the professional's fault as they are bound to the diagnosis they choose by the symptoms and traits described in the Diagnostic and Statistical...

Why the Narcissistic Abuse Cycle Feels like CPTSD Comfort.

Who has bad taste in romantic partners? I do! No matter how many times I think I’m choosing wisely… uh… I’m not. Plain and simple, I don’t know how to choose a good human for my significant other. Am I a chronic dater? Just taking whatever comes my way? Nope,...
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Recognizing C-PTSD as a Legitimate Diagnosis

With the recognition of complex PTSD (C-PTSD) by the WHO, healthcare providers around the world are slowly gaining access to critical information about complex/chronic forms of trauma experienced by children and adults, including adult survivors of childhood abuse and neglect.


Lost Child Syndrome.

The term dysfunctional family is used to give a name to a family that does not function within normal parameters. There may be alcoholism, drug abuse, neglect, and abuse. These disturbed families harbor children who, because of their debilitated families, are not...

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CPTSD Poetry

If I Could Be Kind To Myself.

If I could be kind to myself. A Poem by Aurora Winters. If I could be kind to myself I would breathe easier I would, at the end of the day Say "that was okay" You did what you did And that is OK I would release judgment Blame and striving Hug myself morning...

if i could be kind to myself - cptsd foundation - guest post
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Over-stimulation and Complex Trauma.

My brain has been designed to notice the details, because it’s those subtle environmental cues that indicated something was off-kilter in my family home. As such, I’m not particularly good at filtering out noise and concentrating. I’m aware all the time. It can be extremely distracting, and therefore frustrating, to try to compensate for my super sensitivity to tiny details. Pile that on top of dealing with the emergency signals that often throw my entire being into activation… and things happen that I’m not proud of.

Over-stimulation and Complex Trauma. - cptsd foundation

What is Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

“Complex PTSD comes in response to chronic traumatization over the course of months or, more often, years. This can include emotional, physical, and/or sexual abuses, domestic violence, living in a war zone, being held captive, human trafficking, and other organized rings of abuse, and more. While there are exceptional circumstances where adults develop C-PTSD, it is most often seen in those whose trauma occurred in childhood”. 

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