As we struggle with the psychological and neurological effects of trauma in our lives, there are many things about CPTSD that we cannot control. So the things we can control have even more importance. There are many habits that make CPTSD symptoms worse. The following are just a few.

1. The news– Today’s news is the very definition of perceived threat. It’s how they get us to watch. In the life of a trauma survivor ingesting a steady diet of gloom and doom adds unnecessary anxiety to our overload. Don’t do it. Get your news from a streaming source you can control. Better yet, don’t watch it at all.

2. Isolating-It’s easier to give up on relationships than it is to pursue them. In the short run, that’s true. In the long run, that attitude will destroy your life. We heal through relationships. Trauma survivors have to be very careful about the relationships they choose, but life-giving ones are transformative.

3. House clutter-On the surface, this sounds crazy. It’s not. Clutter causes stress and adds to feeling overwhelmed. Clean out for 15 minutes a day and donate to Goodwill once a week. You’ll feel better if you do.

4. Overeating-This one is particularly tough. Nobody ever wanted to overeat on salad. It’s always the sugar and the carbs aren’t it? Don’t beat yourself up but know working on this habit helps overall feelings of well-being instead of feeding the suffering.

5. Self-Destructive Behaviors-Cutting, Tobacco, alcohol, or drugs both illegal and prescription are just some of the ways trauma expresses itself. Be very kind to yourself as you approach these behemoths. You’re not a bad person. You’re wounded. Overcoming self-destructive behaviors and habits takes time, patience, and love.

These are only the first five of a very long list. I’d like to hear from you. What habits do you have that make CPTSD worse? Comment here or go to at the bottom of the page there is a place for questions. If you use the question box, make sure to include your email within your comments so I can reply. You can also reach me by email: [email protected]

It’s important to put parameters around what we allow into our minds and hearts. CPTSD is hard enough. We don’t need to add to the load. Defy trauma! Embrace joy instead!

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